HAYASHI, Toshihiko researcher profile

Directors for Research
HAYASHI, Toshihiko

Educational background

Ph.D., Economics (Stanford University), September 1972
M.A., (Faculty of Economics, Osaka University), March 1968
B.A., (Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University), March 1966


Professor of Economics , University of the Air, 4/2002-Present
Professor of Economics , Osaka School of International Public Policy(OSIPP), Osaka University, 4/1994-3/2002
Dean, OSIPP, Osaka University, 4/1996-3/1998
Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Osaka University, 4/1985-3/1994
Visiting Resercher, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University, 7/1983-6/1984
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Osaka University, 4/1980-3/1985
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of California at Davis, 10/1978-3/197
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kobe University of Commerce, 10/1971-3/1980
Assistant Professor, Institute of Economic Reserch, Kobe University of Commerce, 8/1968-9/1971

Books and Chapters

Information-Based Economic System, June 2003 (in Japanese).
America in the Great Depression, June 2003 (in Japanese).
The Governance of the Advanced Information Society, (ed. with Sakai and Tohkura), March 2003 (in Japanese)
Japan's Financial Institutions in Turmoil, (ed. with Matsuura and Yonezawa), March 2003 (in Japanese)
Currency in Modern Economics 1997 (ed. with Ohyama et. al.), September 1997 (in Japanese).
Introduction to Heart and Mind Economics, October 1996 (in Japanese).
Network as Civilization (ed. with Ohmura), July 1994 (in Japanese).
Telecommunications Industry, ed., July 1994 (in Japanese).
Essays on Economy, November 1992 (in Japanese).
Telecommunication Economics, (ed. with Mtsuura), October 1992 (in Japanese).

Academic Association Affiliations

Japanese Economic Association
Japan Society of Information and Communication
East Asian Economic Association