Message from the Research Director


    Research Director

As the Asia-Pacific region has taken on an increasingly prominent role in the global economy and international politics in recent years, the world has been watching every move within this strategically important region. In light of this situation, the Asia Pacific Institute of Research (APIR) was founded in 2011, with the aim of supporting sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region.

In contrast to most comparable research institutes in Japan, APIR maintains its research and organizational activities through financial and operational support from a large number of contributing firms. As a "neutral think tank" unaffiliated with any particular government or corporate entity, APIR enjoys a distinct freedom to choose to focus on issues that have the widest impact and relevance to the region. We attach great importance to the ways in which APIR identifies issues for itself, carries out world-class research, and puts forward proposals that constantly consider both feasibility and the wider public interest - rather than simply conducting "research for research's sake".

In April 2013, APIR re-located to the "Knowledge Capital" in the stunning new Grand Front Osaka development, an interconnected hub for knowledge creation and information sharing at the heart of Osaka's Umekita district.

From this new home and as a new kind of think-tank focused on the world economy's most dynamic and most diverse region, we engage with a broad range of challenging issues concerning both strategy and policy development in the region. Your generous support for and cooperation in our endeavors is most sincerely appreciated.

MIYAHARA, Hideo Research Director