Research Projects & Papers

Research Projects

We conduct policy-oriented research on social and economic trends in the Asia Pacific region (including Kansai), centered around the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook and the Strategy for Regional Development.

Policy Brief

Since its establishment in 2011, the Asia Pacific Institute of Research has been active in conducting research projects, publishing books by leading specialists, issuing annual publications, and circulating research findings through reports, forums and symposiums. Building on these activities, APIR is now launching the APIR Policy Brief series. APIR Policy Briefs offer expert analysis and concrete proposals that are timely and relevant to some of the major issues facing Japan and the Asia Pacific region today. Each policy brief will focus on one topic, providing insightful discussion of the problems and possibilities and carrying a clear message for future policy direction. Our aim is to make useful contributions to the policy process both directly and indirectly, through regional and national governments, the business community, and other stakeholders. Authors include Toshihiko Hayashi, APIR’s Research Director and emeritus professor of economics at Osaka University, and other senior and resident researchers. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of APIR on any of the policy questions concerned. The APIR Policy Brief series aims to stimulate thoughtful and open-minded policy debate within Japan, the Asia Pacific region and beyond. We welcome comments by email to .


Commentary papers offer insightful discussions of the very latest socio-economic and policy issues, while special Trend Watch reports are published monthly, each focusing on a specific topic. Discussion Papers provide detailed empirical research on major issues, and Analysis Reports include up-to-the-minute data on current economic trends .

Discussion Paper

The empirical and analytical research we produce is based on independent study or the work of research groups within the Institute. We consult and collaborate with a wide range of partners, with the goal of to deepening research and enriching policy debates in the future. The views expressed in the papers we publish are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of APIR.

Asia Pacific Economic Forecast

APIR provides weekly and monthly assessments of current economic conditions and future outlooks for the United States and Japan. We also provide detailed quarterly predictions for the economies of Kansai and Japan..

Other Activities & Publication

In addition to our core research projects, we also publishes other research and related activities concerning the economy, society, and policy in Asia Pacific. We also highlight publications by APIR researchers and affiliates.