APIR Privacy Protection Policy

APIR recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and is working toward protecting personal information based on the following policy.

Concerning the collection of personal information

APIR collects a limited range of personal information necessary for work purposes by just and legitimate means.
When dealing with personal information supplied by relevant individuals, APIR states clearly how said information will be used.
However, APIR is not required to state how it will use certain kinds of personal information in electronic mail created to disseminate work information or APIR event information, unless persons involved object to the use of this information. This includes:

  • Personal information obtained through interviews and business card exchanges with APIR employees.

  • Business cards and other information presented to APIR employees at events, forums and seminars.

  • Personal information submitted by individuals on this site's forum.

APIR will cease future use of personal information immediately when requested to by an affected party.

Concerning the use of personal information

  • APIR collects personal information to provide guidance about APIR events, to send out documentation, and to answer individuals' questions.

Concerning outsourcing

  • In cases where tasks that involve handling personal information are outsourced to a contracted organization, APIR supervises and investigates the contracted organization's work practices strictly and thoroughly to ensure that individuals' privacy is maintained.

Concerning the sharing of personal information with third parties

  • APIR does not release personal information to third parties without the expressed consent of the relevant individual(s), unless required to by law.

Concerning the management of personal information

  • APIR maintains accurate records of personal information and manages this information safely.

  • To prevent the loss, destruction, manipulation, and unauthorized release of personal information, we implement proper information security measures. These measures prevent illegal access to data and guard our IT systems from computer viruses.

Concerning the disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information

  • Should an individual request that APIR disclose, correct or delete any personal information that he/she has provided to us, we will do so promptly.

Enquiries regarding this personal privacy protection policy should be made to:

Asia Pacific Institute of Research


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