Kansai and the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook

Kansai and the Asia Pacific, Economic Outlook : 2023-24

2024/4/25 Release

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Every autumn, we release an annual white paper titled Kansai and the Asia Pacific in Japanese. Then, an updated and abridged English version of the white paper is published in the following spring. The latest issue entitled Kansai and the Asia: Pacific Economic Outlook 2023-24 was released on 25 April 2024, and it is now available on the APIR website.

This white paper consists of three parts. In Part I, we discuss challenges and prospects in the World, the US, Chinese, and Japanese economies as well as human rights in business and global population trends. In Part II, we examine various topics specific to Kansai. We pay special attention to the economic effects of Hanshin-Orix championships in 2023 in addition to profitable industrial structure and tourism strategy in this region. Lastly, Part III presents a condensed chronology of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, and tourism in Kansai.

About the author:

Asia Pacific Institute of Research (APIR)

Established in November 2011, APIR is an independent research institute, supported by donations from over 200 business entities.

APIR's independence affords it the freedom to set research goals that focus on issues with the broadest relevance to society and the public good. The institute's research projects include 'Outlook and challenges of economic integration in the Asia Pacific', 'Implementation of SDGs in Asian businesses', and 'Utilization of interregional input-output tables in Kansai.' The outcomes of the research are published as project reports, commentary papers, and annual reviews, most of which are available on APIR's website,, in both Japanese and English.

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