Kansai and the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook

Kansai and the Asia Pacific, Economic Outlook : 2020-21

Kansai and the Asia Pacific, Economic Outlook : 2020-21

2021/4/26 Release

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From the leading economic thinkers: a guide to the economies of the Asia Pacific and Kansai.

This Economic Outlook contains analyses and insights on the most important issues affecting the economies of the Asia Pacific and Kansai today. Produced by a team of over 20 researchers, it features quantitative research covering wide-ranging topics, and it offers clear explanations of economic trends supported by graphs and other visual aids. The outlook aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the differing circumstances and developments in Asia-Pacific economies and to promote mutual understanding between Kansai and countries in the Asia-Pacific. This year, it also features a COVID-19 chronology.
The main topics covered in this book are as follows:

Asia- Pacific:

  • An examination of various risks that are attracting global attention, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and an analysis of countermeasures against these risks;
  • An outline of the excessive dependence of global value chains (GVCs) on China, and a discussion of the possibility of significant future changes to China-dependent GVCs and economic growth patterns in Asia.


  • A retrospective overview of the economies of Kansai and Japan as a whole;
  • The future outlook for the economies of Kansai and Japan;
  • Kansai’s economy and its inbound tourism strategy envisioning the post-COVID-19 world.

COVID-19 Chronology:

  • A summary of the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic and the responses by Japan and other major countries in chronological order.

About the Author:

Asia Pacific Institute of Research (APIR)

Established in November 2011, APIR is an independent research institute, supported by donations from over 200 business entities.

APIR’s independence affords it the freedom to set research goals that focus on issues with the broadest relevance to society and the public good. The institute’s research projects include ‘outlook and challenges of economic integration in the Asia Pacific’, ‘implementation of SDGs in Asian businesses’, ‘inbound tourism in Kansai’, as well as ‘development of new business sentiment index using text data’. The outcomes of the research are published as project reports, commentary papers and annual reviews, most of which are available on APIR’s website,, in both Japanese and English.