BRADY, James

BRADY, JamesAs of Apr 2019




Educational background

  • Osaka University, Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP). International Public Policy, PhD
  • Osaka University, Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP). International Public Policy, MA
  • Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Bologna Center. International Economics and European Studies, Graduate Diploma
  • Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. History and Political Science, BA (Hons.)


  • Asia Pacific Institute of Research. Researcher
  • Leiden University, Modern East Asia Research Centre (MEARC). Visiting Researcher
  • Osaka University, Osaka School of International Public Policy. Teaching Assistant
  • Doshisha University, Center for Contemporary Asian Studies (CCAS). Research Assistant
  • JET Programme. Assistant Language Teacher

Journal Articles and Papers

  • Brady, James (2014). “Japanese Agricultural Policy Studies: the state of the field”. International Public Policy Studies, Volume 18, Number 2 (Issue 34). Osaka: Osaka University.

Conference Presentations

  • “Framing farming: Newspaper portrayals of ‘multifunctional’ agriculture in Japan’s basic law policy debates”. (La Trobe University, Melbourne, Japanese Studies Association of Australia conference, 2015-07-01).
  • "Explaining Japan’s ‘irrational’ agricultural policy: an ideational approach.” (Leiden University, Multilinearity Project, 2013-03-15).
  • “Agricultural protectionism in economic thought in Japan until 1945.” (Leiden University, Multilinearity Project, 2012-12-21).

Research Projects & Papers

  • INADA, Yoshihisa

    Kansai Economic Insight Quarterly (May 2017)

    Asia Pacific Economic Forecast

    Asia Pacific Economic Forecast » Quarterly Report(Kansai)

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    INADA, Yoshihisa / IRIE, Hiroaki / KINOSHITA, Yusuke / BRADY, James / CAO, Thi Khanh Nguyet / IKUTA, Yusuke

  • BRADY, James

    Abe and Japan standing tall? Economic implications of the Prime Minister’s European trip, June 2013

    Discussion Papers

    Discussion Paper » Discussion Paper

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    BRADY, James


    As the second-tallest Japanese prime minister in the modern era, Prime Minister
    Shinzo Abe stood tall among other world leaders in the “family photo” at the recent 2013 G8
    Summit, held at Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. The image seemed somehow symbolic of
    the fact that Japan has enjoyed an increased prominence in the global economy this year, as
    the effects of the new LDP administration’s bold economic stimulus programme have started
    to take hold. The summit trip was part of a tour of European capitals which gave Mr. Abe the
    chance to make the case for Abenomics in person, and to seek to boost Japan’s trade and
    investment relations with the EU in a number of areas. This discussion paper looks at how
    Abenomics is raising Japan’s profile in Europe, and considers the economic goals of this trip
    – in particular, the goal of doubling Japan-bound FDI – and the likely effects of the “three
    arrows” in achieving these goals.

  • BRADY, James

    Osaka: the Mayor and the City


    Insight » Commentary

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    BRADY, James