KARAVASILEV, Yani researcher profile


Educational background

Osaka University, School of International Public Policy (Ph.D.)
University College London (M.A.)
Jacobs University (B.A.)


2019 to date Adjunct Lecturer, Osaka Gakuin University
2019 to date Adjunct Lecturer, Osaka University of Commerce
2014 to date Assistant Editor, Southern African Centre for Collaboration on Peace and Security
2017-2018 Assistant Professor, Osaka University
2014-2017 Research and Teaching Assistant, Osaka University
2014-2014 MP Assistant, European Parliament (Brussels)
2013-2014 Intern, United Nations Development Programme (New York)

Journal Articles and Papers

*Journal Articles
Karavasilev, Y. & Hawkins, V. (2019) “Cross-border agenda setting: evidence from American and Japanese media” (in progress).
Karavasilev, Y., Yamanami, C. & Kohara, M. (2018) “Job fairs and company attractiveness perceptions: evidence from Japanese companies recruiting overseas” (OSIPP Discussion Paper).
Karavasilev, Y. (2015) “Political stability and foreign direct investment in SADC: a love-hate relationship”, Southern African Peace and Security Studies 4(2): 5-40.
Karavasilev, Y. & Nomura, S. (2015) “Estimating the impact of inward offshore industry outsourcing on developing economies”, Osaka Economic Papers 65(1): 35-64.
Karavasilev, Y. (2013) “The effects of small versus large-scale privatization on GDP Growth in EU transition economies”, International Public Policy Studies 18(1): 269-284.

*Media Articles
“The ship dismantling industry in South Asia: problems and opportunities”, Global News View, 05/03/2018.
“Bulgaria: the fastest shrinking country in the world”, Global News View, 10/12/2017.
“The trade-media coverage nexus: evidence from the Nikkei newspaper”, Global News View, 8/24/2017.

Conference Presentations

10/2018 16th International Convention of the East Asian Economic Association, Taipei, Taiwan.
07/2018 9th International Research Meeting in Business and Management, Nice, France.
05/2018 African Peace and Security Conference, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.
01/2018 ASEAN–Japan Symposium on Human Resource Development, NUS, Singapore.
11/2017 Historical Heritage and Security, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.
02/2016 SACCPS–CEAPS Conference 2016, Bloemfontein, South Africa.
11/2014 14th International Convention of the East Asian Economic Association, Bangkok, Thailand.
10/2014 73rd Conference of the Japan Society of International Economics, Kyoto, Japan.
10/2013 12th International Conference of the Japan Economic Policy Association, Sapporo, Japan.

Academic Association Affiliations

East Asian Economic Association
Japan Society of International Economics
Centre for Engagement on African Peace and Security