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Research leader:
Hisakazu MATSUSHIGE, Professor, Faculty of Economics, Takamatsu University, and Emeritus Professor, Osaka University

Research outline:
We may not avoid social transformation enforced by the recent innovations such as AI and new digital technologies and further accelerated by the sudden emerge of COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss how firms can adapt to this new era of radical change in occupations and tasks and investigate how individuals are to reshape their skill and redesign their career paths, accordingly.


  • MATSUSHIGE, Hisakazu

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    Research Projects

    Research Project » 2023FiscalYear » Japan and Kansai economy

    AUTHOR : 
    MATSUSHIGE, Hisakazu


    Research leader:

    Matsushige, Hisakazu (APIR Senior Researcher/Professor, Takamatsu University/Emeritus Professor, Osaka University)


    Research outline:

    New technological innovations, notably AI and DX, are rapidly changing society and the way people work. Most workers are required to constantly upgrade their skills. In view of this dynamics, this project has two goals: (1) to identify the specific challenges Japanese companies are facing, as well as the ways they are dealing with these challenges, by conducting field research and surveys, and (2) based on this analysis, to make recommendations on how managerial flexibility and work-place resilience at Japanese companies can be enhanced.